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Throughout my life I've been looking for tools to heal my body, calm my mind and live in peace. Along this path, a tremendous desire to live and love myself grew within me. Respecting ourselves and vibrating in a healthy way is one of the great challenges of today.


That's how Vibrant Health was born, with the aim of helping you live and reach all the potential that lies dormant within you. With an innovative, holistic, profound and dynamic methodology, in our house you will live unique, striking, challenging and liberating experiences. In this transformation process, your old self is left behind, and you begin to embrace the vibrant person that you are. 


What is included in this premium service:


Individual and personalized session:


Session time: 50 minutes;

Session type: In person or online;

Number of sessions: The number of sessions can vary from

         between 2 times a week and once a month depending on the 
         student's needs and availability.


Weekly motivational support;

Weekly, personalized training plans for the week:
"Homework" to do when we don't have our session.

Access to group classes:
They can be done live or deferred;

Access to various contents:
Depending on the objectives and needs, the student can access some online programs from the Vibrant Health Academy App

To schedule a session or find out the prices, you can get in touch via the following channels:

  • Instagram Vibrant Health Academy
  • Whatsapp


Discover Ana's students' transformations.

Costumer Reviews


"I gave myself completely to Ana, I trusted her and I regained my peace. Ana has given me my hope back and made me believe that I can do more (and that I have strength in my arms!!). She takes care of me and that's wonderful!!! I just have to thank her and say: I love you Ana, thank you!!!"
- Filipa C. -


"Ana brought energy back into my life. With her I believed again in the inner strength we have, but which is sometimes dormant. Ana was and is my motivation. And because she is a beautiful person, with a bright and sweet heart, I want to stay close to her, today and always!"

- Filipa B. -

Ana brought my life into my lap. A place to be me, to love myself and to fail without fear. Ana brought light into my life. Support to go in my own direction and discover who I am."

- Joana A. -


"Ana has brought to my life: physical and mental well-being, self-confidence and all with a great deal of generosity and genuineness, without expecting anything in return. I've loved Ana since the first day I saw her with her beautiful, sweet smile."

- Mafalda -


"As well as being an excellent professional, Ana is a very special human being. She brings together the best of both worlds. She's sweet, always available, with a huge heart, but at the same time she's also extremely committed, determined and tireless in her pursuit of goals and objectives. When Ana came into my life, it was like a ray of sunshine. I had the clear perception that a very special person had come into my life. Thank you Ana."

- Patrícia N. -


"True wealth does not consist in the material goods we accumulate, but in the goodness of our hearts, the purity of our actions, the firmness of our convictions, and the passion with which we embrace life. Because Ana corresponds to all of this, she adds immeasurable richness to my existence. I'm very happy to have her as my teacher and friend."

- Zélia B. -

"Ana is an example of professionalism combined with great generosity and empathy. I'm very grateful for all her motivation and knowledge sharing."

- Sandra E. -


"Pilates and Ana were the best addition to my life in recent times. Ana is an excellent professional, demanding, charismatic and a leader. She's a lovely person. Taking classes with her is wonderful, always different, always fantastic. We leave each class with a renewed mind and body. It's a privilege to have met her."

- Leonor R. -

"I trained with Ana for about two years and what makes her stand out most as a personal trainer are three things: her genuine interest and commitment to training, which imposes and generates, in a very natural and unforced way, enormous discipline on the part of the student - in other words, her commitment generates commitment and commitment on our part; the way she understands the goals we have for ourselves and the constant search to achieve them, with coordinated strategies but without fear of changing them; the "tasks" she gives us in each session and how this leaves us feeling fulfilled and in complete well-being at the end of each workout. It was a pleasure to train with Ana and I'm very grateful to her for being part of my life - I hope to meet her again in the future."

- Nuno C. -


Vibrant Health Academy

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