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live your potential

Discover the vibrant energy of these deep and transformative sessions


Throughout my life I've been looking for tools to heal my body, calm my mind and live in peace. Along this path, a tremendous desire to live and love myself grew within me. Respecting ourselves and vibrating in a healthy way is one of the great challenges of today.


That's how Vibrant Health was born, with the aim of helping you live and reach all the potential that lies dormant within you. With an innovative, holistic, profound and dynamic methodology, in our house you will live unique, striking, challenging and liberating experiences. In this transformation process, your old self is left behind, and you begin to embrace the vibrant person that you are. 


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Bio-energetic work

Session time: 60 minutes

Session mode: In person or online;

Value of sessions in Portugal:

1st session value: 65€ (VAT included)

Next sessions value: 55€ (VAT included)

International sessions value:

Please enquire.


To schedule a session or find out the prices, you can get in touch via the following channels:

  • Instagram Vibrant Health Academy
  • Whatsapp Joana

Costumer Reviews


"When I met Joaninha I found myself living my life in automatic mode, apathetic, in a dark period with little meaning. She saw me as I am and gave me her hand. I can't explain the magic and connection I created from the first moment I met her, and how my life and my heart have expanded in an incredible way since I started doing energy work with her. Anyone who knows her knows the feeling and what I'm talking about. Joana makes us feel strong, empowers the feminine universe, and helps us realize that 'it's okay' to be ourselves and that we should be kind to ourselves. I can't put into words the love and affection I feel for her and I'm extremely grateful to have her in my life. Thank you Joaninha "

- Inês -

"Joana is light, surrender, power and understanding. Joana's sessions are a detox for the soul and spirit. She connects us with our spiritual self, helping us to gain insight into our purpose, fears and qualities. Joana is special and I'm grateful that she's part of my life."


- Rita -


“I started doing energetic work with Joana three years ago, following conventional therapy that was primarily focused on the mind. Her work brought a completely new, deeper consciousness on the impact that thoughts and experiences have on the physical body, how the energy of thoughts and feelings can become stuck and impact on present experiences. Joana’s work created the space within my body to realign my energy and for me to direct it more consciously. The sessions were sometimes exhilarating, and other times harder. But her caring attitude and wise words meant that after every session I was able to look at issues in a more loving way and now I feel lighter and tranquil within myself.”


- Gus -

"Each session with Joana allows us to refocus on what is truly important and essential: us, our goals and our path to happiness. At the same time, it's a relaxing moment of self-care and self-love. I highly recommend it!"


- Joana -

"This therapy is an opportunity to dive inside ourselves and enjoy Joana's wonderful work in moving us forward on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. It's hard to describe how wonderful you feel during and after therapy. When you want to understand yourself, this therapy becomes part of your list of essentials."


- Susana -


"What can I say about Joana's work: thank you!!! She does a fantastic job, which has changed my life a lot in almost 2 years with her. With her work I've become a much better person, and every day I feel more and more aware of my body!!! Often when I go in for a session I'm totally out of my mind, and I come out of it feeling great!!! Thank you so much Joana"


- Flávia -

Vibrant Health Academy

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