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It's an experience designed to allow you to free yourself from the physical, emotional and energetic limitations that prevent you from living a vibrant life. 
Through different experiences you will align yourself with your path, your intuition, your personal power and your unique potential.

 Would you dare to feel all the love you have to give if you knew it was directed to you?

live your potential

Let yourself be guided in this discovery experience by this program of deep connection.


Throughout my life I've been looking for tools to heal my body, calm my mind and live in peace. Along this path, a tremendous desire to live and love myself grew within me. Respecting ourselves and vibrating in a healthy way is one of the great challenges of today.


That's how Vibrant Health was born, with the aim of helping you live and reach all the potential that lies dormant within you. With an innovative, holistic, profound and dynamic methodology, in our house you will live unique, striking, challenging and liberating experiences. In this transformation process, your old self is left behind, and you begin to embrace the vibrant person that you are. 



Events Schedule

Level1 - Foundation:
Session Duration: From 9:45 am to 13:30 pm;
Session Type: In person; 
Nº of Attendants:  Limit to 8 persons;


Level 2 - Evolution:
Session Duration:
 From 9:45 am to 13:30 pm;

Session Type: In person; 

Nº of Attendants:  Limit to 8 persons;


Level 3 - Conexion:
Session Duration:
 From 9:45 am to 13:30 pm;

Session Type: In person; 

Nº of Attendants:  Limit to 8 persons;

To apply or learn more, click here:

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Costumer Reviews


"Revibrate was an absolutely incredible and surprising experience. The final feeling of: this happened to me! I did it! It was undoubtedly a very happy and surprising experience of expanding myself. I'm grateful to have lived it!"
- Ascensão -


"My Revibrar experience was a great surprise, going into the unknown and finding my "I"...I was faced with a whirlwind of emotions, some of which were hidden deep inside me and to which I was not awake...I am grateful for the vibration that was transmitted to me! Don't be afraid to blossom! Thank you"

- Paula -


"The Revibrar program is a transformative experience. It's a journey of self-knowledge, which allows us to become aware of situations that need to be unblocked in our lives, helps us deal with problems in the present and, at the same time, heals us from past experiences."

- Sílvia -

"REVIBRAR, at the beginning a lot of fear of what will be proposed, in the middle an already inexplicable sensation of responses from our body and at the end a wonderful feeling of meeting me!"

- Flávia -


"Revibrar 2 is a continuation of the exploration of our hidden emotions, and it made me feel different emotions from the previous one. I felt more aware of my qualities, with a desire to love myself every day, translating into a very serene and secure internal happiness."

- Susana -


"Revibrar 2 is an experience of knowledge and acceptance, a transformative dive into ourselves."

- Marisa -


"Revibrar 2 is a boost of incredibly deep and heartfelt connection between body, soul and spirit. It was very transformative and wonderful, thank you!"

- Patrícia -


"Revibrar 2 helped me to better understand who I am and what my limits are. Sharing experiences with people who are willing to feel and be vulnerable has helped me to feel belonging and present in myself. There's no way to explain the impact of an experience like this on our lives and daily lives. You can only feel it. It really is incredible!"

- Inês -

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Everything can be waiting for an opportunity to Vibrate again

ReVibrar Kids:
We all know how our childhood has a huge impact on our adult life. We often find ourselves unable to express feelings, emotions, respect our limits or value our bodies. Now imagine that you can give your children, grandchildren or nephews the opportunity to acquire the tools and skills to live a vibrant life as an adult. We created this vibrant program with them in mind.

Intensive ReVibrar:
The RE VIBRATE intensive experience was built to tear apart the patterns that limit you and the thoughts that hold you back. We're going to revolutionize your old life, a transcendent experience that will bring you a lot of physical and mental healing. Here you will be guided through a very intense and powerful process. When you finish this program, you will no longer be the same person.

Corporate ReVibrar: 

Do you have the ideal business, perfect idea, fantastic space but for some reason it doesn't flow, vibrate or flourish? In this Corporate ReVibrar dedicated to companies or businesses, we dig deep to understand what's blocking it. We share all the information, secrets and bring about the changes needed for your business to reach its full potential.

To find out more about these programs please contact us.

+351 912876273

Vibrant Health Academy

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