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Sessions that give you unique tools so that you can help your children more and more.


The individual sessions for parents of mindful parenting are a personalized 

process that allows us to bring clarity to parents about the real dynamics

present in the family. It allows them to align their true intentions with strategies

that help your children grow with you:

  • Healthy self esteem;

  • Positive inner voice;

  • Emotional self-regulation;

  • Accountability;

  • Selfmotivation;

  • Empathy;

  • Critical thinking;

  • Healthy limits;

  • Improve Mindset;


In other words, a strong internal structure that supports them while they develop their unique potential.

Mindful parents broaden their awareness of different situations, gain new practical tools, and create creative responses that replace momentary reactions fueled by internal triggers. By regaining the steering wheel of their parenting, they then become the example of the qualities and abilities they want to see grow in their children.


Session time: 60 minutes

Session mode: In person or Online

1st session value: 70€ (VAT included)

Next sessions value: 60€ (VAT included)


To schedule a session or find out more, get in touch via the following channels:

  • Instagram Vibrant Health Academy
  • Whatsapp Joana

Costumer Reviews


"Joana Laranjeiro's (Mãe Catita) work is full of information, with very interesting exercises to start absorbing this information and full of practical strategies to transform the daily challenges of parenting into moments of building and strengthening the parent-child bond. I highly recommend it!"

- Ana Isabel -



"Learning about this work changed my life. The aim was to grow as a mother, to understand my children and to have a better dialogue with them. Surprisingly, I discovered myself. I also realized how I am as a "daughter". As a friend. As a woman."

- Filipa - 


"When I talk about Joana to my friends, which is often the case, I call her "the Bible of emotions". Curious and fun by nature, with an unparalleled passion for learning and teaching, Joana is one of those people you want to have around in your life.

In her energy balancing sessions, Joana creates a safe space for us to express ourselves, clarify and re-energize. We are guided to understand what is going on inside us and, with our own understanding, to transform it. That's why these sessions have such a positive and lasting impact :)

I recently took part in a Mãe Catita workshop on self-esteem and, although I signed up with the sole aim of strengthening my nephews' development, I came away knowing myself better and with a completely invigorated self-esteem!

I could write a book with the admiration I have for Joana. I'll stop here today."

- Mafalda - 



"A fantastic person with commitment, dedication, talent and love of work and of being human. Mom Catita helped me to overcome and see the world covered in colors, everything is so much easier and livelier with her strength and help! The language and messages are very clear and immediate (I love the examples) beautiful! Thank you so much my rainbow!"

- Patrícia -

Vibrant Health Academy

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